Laptop missing keyboard key replacement or repair

repair non working laptop keyboard in just 1200 Rs

How to diagnose and fix a dead laptop keyboard

I love my laptop very much and you can say more than my life because my life depends on that. I travelled lots of to other countries also and I have all my work done in that laptop but now what has happened in my laptop some keys is not working and everything has stopped for me now. I could not insert my user id and password so system could not unlock.

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Kindly give the complete cost of replacement my laptop keyboard if there is no option to repair same.

How to Fix Laptop Keyboard Keys Not-Working & Laptop Key Installation Guide - Replacement Laptop Keys

WBefore replacing the complete keyboard we will check whether whole keyboard is not working or some keys are not working if some keys are not working than it could be the due to dirt and dust in the environment.

laptop keyboard repair price

Before deciding to purchase new keyboard because the cost would be very high and a normal person could not afford the so high cost. So we should try to clean the keyboard instead of change full keyboard. For that you need a vacuum cleaner which speed could be maintained. You should focus on most troubled keys and remove all the dust inside the keys.