Laptop Screen Replacement & Repair

How to replace a broken laptop screen in vikaspuri


Repair Cracked laptop screen

First of all we start a very important article in which we will have discussion on broken laptop screen I would like to tell you that there is no way to repair the broken or cracked laptop screen. A cracked laptop screen could not be repaired at any cost so there is no doubt in that. But thatís not mean any other screen related problem could not be repaired.

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How To Deal With a Broken Screen On Your Laptop

I have purchased the dell laptop in which I have 500 GB hard disk and i5 processor. It is under warranty but the screen has broken could you replace the screen without any cost because that is in under warranty.

Laptop screen repair cost

Why we need to replace the screen? There could be many scenarioís in which we definitely replace the screen but in some cases we could not replace and save money for example liquid damage or water spill on laptop screen and keyboard, in that case we will not replace screen but we will try to drying all the parts of laptop and will assume that nothing will be replaced.

i have one HP PAVILION DM4-1065DX laptop which screen need to be replaced because some spots are coming and the cost will be 4500 Rs including with service charge.